Friday, January 21, 2011

Crafts by Style

Crafts are also available in a number different designs and styles depending upon the social, cultural and religious trends of different countries and regions. The most notable styles of crafts include antique imitation crafts, artificial crafts, Feng Shui crafts, folk crafts, nautical crafts and religious crafts. Many crafts are made by using different kinds of plants such as basket weaving, corn dolly making, floral design, pressed flower craft and straw marquetry. Crafts are also differentiated by the particular styles of artisans in different countries and geographic locations. For example in Africa, their way and style of craft making is quite different and unique as compared with crafts created in other American and Europeans regions. The most befitting examples of African crafts include African furniture, African musical instrument, African bowls, African tribal lamps, African leather goods-handbags, canvas art paintings, African flower vases, African bookends, African candle holders, African baskets, African mask, African health & beauty supplies, African profiles, African tribal textiles, African walking canes, African statues, African handmade jewelry, and miscellaneous African products. As a matter of fact, the world of crafts is very extensive and enriched with numerous designs, varieties, and range. You cannot pick your own choice easily because of the diversity offered by different arts and crafts.

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