Friday, January 21, 2011

Holiday Gifts & Decorations

Holiday gifts and decorations include festive and party supplies and general holiday gifts. Festive and party supplies are consisted of Christmas decoration supplies, decorative flowers and wreaths, event and party supplies, fireworks and firecrackers, party masks and other holiday supplies. There are also many types of holiday gifts such as Christmas crafts, Easter crafts, and Halloween crafts including Valentines’ Day crafts. Different types of handicraft, fountain, antiques, carpet, rugs, and giftware can be also given as holiday gifts. Handicrafts are the other major category. Handicrafts are the most popular gift items all over the world. Handicrafts includes many fine crafts such as assemblage, beadwork, bone carving, cabinet making, chip carving, collage (made by using fabric, seeds, photographs, paper, found objects etc.), crochet, embossed silver or aluminum, gardening, buffalo horn carving, rhino horn carving, knitting, lathart, marquetry, metalwork, mosaic, needlework, ceramics and pottery, pressed flower craft, puppetry, quilting, saddle-making, scale model, sewing, shoemaking, spinning, stained glass, wood burning, wood carving, and woodturning and woodworking as well. Handicrafts are usually belonged to different cultures and social setting. For example, wooden figurines, sandstone, metal work, marble work, exclusive stone work, wood crafts, wooden painted art, bamboo toys and wooden boxes are the exclusive examples of Indian handicrafts. 

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