Friday, January 21, 2011

Gifts & Crafts by Use

Gifts and crafts are also differentiated by their usages for different purposes. These different kinds of gifts and crafts include art and collectibles, home decoration items, souvenirs and wedding decorations and gifts etc. There are a number of home decoration items. Examples of these home decoration items include bamboo home decor, candle holders, candles, ceramic and enamel home decor, clay home decor, crystal home decor, fabric home decor, frame, glass home decor, incense, incense burners, lacquerware home decor, metal home decor, painting & calligraphy, paper home decor, photo albums, plastic home decor, resin home decor, stone home decor, and wicker baskets including wood home decor as well. Gifts are given according to the nature of different events and occasions. The most relevant examples of occasional gifts include retirement gifts, lagniappe, congratulations gifts, engagement gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, house warming day gifts and new baby gifts etc. There is also a unique category of experiential gifts which involves different experiences instead of traditional material gift. The common examples of experiential gifts are kayaking, skydiving, hang gliding whitewater rafting (adventure gifts), NASCAR, rallying, V8 supercars (driving gifts), wine tasting, gourmet cooking lessons, cigar tasting (gourmet gifts), whale watching, Segway city tours (environmentally friendly experiential gifts) and pilates, spa treatments and stone massages (rejuvenating gifts).

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